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Presented By: Ratakarn (Wah) Arttawuttikun and Yuwadee (Paw) Danmalidoi

Event: 2019 ECHO Asia Agriculture and Community Development Conference (2019-10-01)

Seed saving is an important pratice for small-scale farmers. Each crop is unique, and therefore each seed needs to be cleaned in a different way. In this workshop, Khun Wah will share her years of experience cleaning and saving seed of underutilized edible crop varieties that are important to SE Asia. She will cover seed cleaning methods such as fermentation, massage, hitting, sand treatment, screen cleaning, blending. Before the ECHO Asia Seedbank developed these techniques, they spent time experimenting to find which technique fit each crop. We invite you to share your experience with seed cleaning as you learn what has been working for us here in Thailand.

Viable seed is crucial to the success of small-scale farmers. This workshop will teach techniques to evaluate seed viability through germination testing. You will benefit from Khun Paw's years of experience with the ECHO Asia Seedbank. Each seed is unique, and therefore needs a unique method of germination testing. In this workshop, you will learn how to germinate seeds using the petri dish, sand, soil, paper towel, and cotton methods- as well as how to experiment and determine the appropriate germination method for each seed.