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The SPRING Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package is a collection of our very best training work, including presentations, activities, handouts, and session guides.

Successful multisectoral training is key for developing the collaboration that nutrition-sensitive activities require. Successful partnerships hinge on developing a shared understanding of goals, activities, and essential concepts that allow our collaboration to thrive.

Whether you are creating a 1-hour presentation or a multi-day training workshop, these resources will help you create a solid foundation for stakeholder discussions about nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

In this training resource package, you will find the building blocks for creating a nutrition-sensitive agriculture presentation or training program that reaches program leaders, managers, and other decision-makers. We have created a training with seven sessions:

  1. Strengthening Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages: Why it Matters
  2. Essential Nutrition Concepts for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Activities
  3. Essential Concepts in Agriculture and Food Systems
  4. Agriculture-to-Nutrition Pathways
  5. Developing a Seasonal Calendar
  6. Behavior Change Concepts for Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture
  7. Designing Effective Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Activities