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By Franklin W. Martin and Michael P. Fennema

The questions of what crops should be grown and how they should be used are never completely answered. Furthermore, there is no document or person that can provide all the answers desired. Agriculture always involves trial and error, experimenting and risking, learning and adjusting. These charts supply you with information to help you in making choices about which crops to try in your location. Crops are compared by categories to permit selection based on knowing how the crop can tolerate the conditions in your area. These comparison charts complement ECHO's catalog of "Seeds Available from ECHO," although the charts include a broader range of crops than offered in the catalog. It serves as another basic source of imformation on the most important crops of the tropics.

Chart 1 - A Comparison of Grain Crops 

Chart 2 - A Comparison of Leguminous Vegetables (See also Grain Legumes)

Chart 3 - A Comparison of Pulses (Dried Legumes used for Cooking)

Chart 4 - A Comparison of Fruit Vegetables

Chart 5 - A Comparison of Vegetable Leaves

Chart 6 - A Comparison of Roots and Tubers

Chart 7 - A Comparison of Miscellaneous Vegetables

Chart 8 - A Comparison of Selected Tropical Fruit Crops

Chart 9 - A Comparison of Nut Crops

Chart 10 - A Comparison of Industrial, Plantation, or Beverage Crops

Chart 11 - A Comparison of Ground Covers and Green Manures

Chart 12 - A Comparison of Tropical Pastures and Field Crops

Chart 13 - A Comparison of Special Purpose Trees