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Growing vegetables provides fresh produce for the family while giving us full control over what is used in the care and maintenance while growing the vegetables. Pest control is important in vegetable gardens to keep hungry insects from feasting on the plants. However, pesticides often contain harsh toxins that can leave chemical residue on vegetables. Thankfully, homemade organic bio control methods are the safer choice and can be made from inexpensive items that most people have in their home.

To take a leaf out of Rachel Carson's writing in Silent spring," we humans stand now where two roads that diverge. The road we have been travelling is deceptively easy, a smooth super highway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. "the less travelled road leaves us with many alternatives that are available some of which have shown proven results and some are yet to be tried. The information available in the weblink are sourced from various references. The objective of putting this information together is to make it available for enthusiasts who are willing to try these simple ways of controlling pests and diseases while growing vegetables without killing the predators. The information is available on an open source platform and we drew the inspiration from Pesticide action network Germany This work is supported by Green foundation, Bangalore and We acknowledge the hard work done by Amelia Clements from Chicago university who was an intern and volunteer with us during her summer vacation. The design has been done by Cheluvaraj a web designer based in Mysore. We hope many gardeners would benefit from this website.