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APIRAS — the Asia-Pacific Islands Rural Advisory Services Network — was organized in 2011 to serve as a platform for networking, advocacy, and capacity building for agricultural extension and rural advisory services (RAS) professionals and institutions in the Asia-Pacific Islands Region. Together with the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS), have been champions on promoting capacity development and organization of AAS services providers in the regional, subregional, and national levels, and advocate for an appropriate enabling environment that allows smallholder farmers to access market-oriented advisory services.

Through the project, APIRAS – the regional network that brings together a plurality of public, private, and civil society AAS providers, including farmer organizations, through its subregional networks and country platforms – will be strengthened to enable AAS providers and networks to respond to demands for AAS, and to assess and strengthen existing models, innovations, policies, and practices in the provision of AAS.