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Agriculture and Horticulture are vital sciences as they suffice the very basic need of food for the Human beings. Qualitative and quantitative food can essentially be produced from healthy plants which in turn are produced only when their seedlings/sapplings are vigorous and healthy. Nursery is consequently the basic need of horticulture. Plant propagation techniques and practices is the core of horticulture nurseries. The planting materials for horticultural plantations are raised from seeds and vegetative parts. Role of Mother Plants is very primary and important. The fate of nursery depends on quality and truthfulness of mother plants. A good nursery entrepreneur does not depend on others for procurement of mother plants. Mother plants are required for both stock and scion. Mother plants should be selected on the basis of its genetic traits and other factors like availability and adaptation in the growing environment. At the end of this unit, you will be able to know and understand,

  • Importance of plant propagation nurseries.
  • Role of nurseries in Horticultural development.
  • Types of plant propagation nurseries.
  • Various sections in the nursery and their importance.
  • Financial and other resources for the nursery enterprise.

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