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Presented By: Abram J. Bicksler, Ph.D.; President/CEO, ECHO

Event: 2023 ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference -- "From Surviving to Thriving" (2023-10-20)

Agroecology has been advanced in fora around the world as a people-centered approach to transformation of food and agriculture systems. But, what is agroecology really? In this session, Dr. Abram Bicksler will share about the complexities of food and agriculture systems and identify principles, concepts, and elements that can help to functionally define agroecology. Moving from theory to praxis, he will provide resources, case studies and frameworks that can help to make you, those with whom you work, and their communities more sustainable from the ground up by linking diverse actors in the food system together. By the end of the session, you'll be able to define agrocology, be equipped with resources to advance agroecology among smallholders, and be encouragd by stories of transformation.