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Haihui is a non-profit organization dedicated to poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of rural communities. We have two main centers: The Sichuan Haihui Poverty Alleviation Service Center and The Shanghai Haihui Community Livelihood Development Center.

For years, we have partnered with governments, enterprises, charity organizations, schools and other entities to implement Haihui’s poverty alleviation projects. Our services reach across north and central China, the Sichuan-Chongqing and Yunnan-Guizhou regions, Xinjiang, and beyond.

Haihui has imported Heifer International’s advanced sustainable development concept to China, helping local families in need by providing livestock and training. Recipient families pledge to continue “Passing on the Gift®” by sharing their own livestock’s offspring—or gift money—as well as the skills and knowledge they have acquired to other families in need, in the end, benefiting the entire community.