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General description and special characteristics – The cucumber is an annual herbaceous plant trailing or climbing from 1.5 – 4.5 m (5 to 15 ft.) by means of simple tendrils. “The stems are angled; the leaves are cordate with 3-5 lobes, and are rough” (Herklots 1972).

Varieties -

  • Burmese: Small variety about 6 cm in length and round in shape. Good for pickling or fermenting. 
  • Khmer: From Cambodia. Approximately 30 days from seed to flowering. Large fruit averaging 30 x 7 cm (12-2.75 in.) in size; eaten raw or in soups. Can also be pickled. Pests include the white moth.
  • Lampang: Local to Northern Thailand; often planted with highland rice. Over 20 cm in length. Light green in color. 
  • Sikkim: Unique outside texture, speckled and brown similar to a cantalope. Heritage variety from the USA.