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Edible Portion: Seeds, Fruits, Nuts

A medium sized tree. It grows 20 m tall. The trunk can be slightly fluted. The leaves are simple and alternate. The leaves are clustered at the ends of branches and arranged in spirals. They are 6-20 cm long by 3-6 cm wide. The leaves are widest above the middle. The leaves are silvery underneath. The flowers are small and in clusters on the branches below the leaves. There are 2-10 in a group. The fruit are round with a short sharp point. They are 3-9 cm long. The fruit turn yellow when ripe. There can be one or several seeds.

A tropical plant. It grows in wet forests. It is often along river banks and in flooded land. It grows from sea level to 1,300 m above sea level. It is native to Mexico and El Salvador. It can grow on limestone soils.