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Abstract, MOJ Food Processing & Technology, 2017

Two drying methods (solar and oven) were used to dry a variety of mango. We have a drying yield of 33% for sun dried mango versus 26% for oven dried mango; Relative humidity is 14.17%±0.01 for sun dried mango compared with 8.25%±0.01 for oven dried mango. We observe a decrease in dry matter for the sun-dried mango compared to oven dried mango. Mango, dried in the sun has a high concentration of vitamin B6, vitamin C and mineral elements (Ca, Mg and Fe). But we also noted the presence of vitamins (A, D and E) after the drying operations. Concerning the microbiological parameters, we obtained results meeting the limits set by the ISO 4833 standard which governs the microbiology of the food chain. The method of solar drying in view of the results obtained proves to be the one that boosts the nutritional properties of mango.

Keywords: mango, oven, solar dryer, vitamins, proteins, minerals