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JADAM is a group of organic farmers that was established in 1991 by Youngsang Cho. JADAM’s activities are based on its website www.JADAM.kr and has nearly 75,000 members as of March 2020.

The objective of JADAM is to bring farming back to the farmers; to restore the farmers’ sovereignty in technology; spread an ultra-low cost method of farming; and ultimately open a new world where farmers, consumers and mother nature are in harmony.

High cost and difficult method of organic farming cannot spread far and wide; it will only cause more trouble for farmers and agriculture.

JADAM came up with a unique solution of “ultra-low cost” method of farming as an answer to the future of agriculture. Based on the technical aims of SESE (Simple, Easy, Scientific, Effective), JADAM established a complete system of farming after decades of trials.

As agro-corporations gain more control over the knowledge and technology of farming, farming becomes more and more expensive. This is a common problem faced by the farmers of the world as a whole. This is the reason why agriculture is collapsing everywhere. JADAM’s ultra-low cost farming method will liberate agriculture from the corporations and bring hope for the farmers.

JADAM’s system has a do-it-yourself making of natural pesticides. These are organic and environment-friendly yet are no less effective than commercial ones. This allows you to go organic and low-cost at the same time. Conventional farmers too benefit from the use of our inputs because it saves them huge costs.

JADAM has not patented any of its knowledge but shared it all through seminars, books, and website. The making of JADAM’s two great inventions – JADAM sulfur and JADAM wetting agent – are also disclosed in the website www.JADAM.kr

JADAM will continue its work to further develop and refine its system.