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Abstract, 1998, Food and Fertilizer Technology Center

Increasing population growth and limited resources present a challenge to the development of Asia, especially in the impoverished uplands. The people living in the slopelands of Asia are generally plagued by poverty and constant soil erosion, both of which hasten the downward spiral in their quality of life. Livestock systems show a great potential for improving the Asian uplander's quality of life and helping to break this poverty cycle. However, as more and more animals are introduced into these fragile areas, good-quality management schemes for raising the livestock are needed to ensure sustainability. This Bulletin discusses the cut-and-carry forage system which shows promise as a way of meeting these requirements. It draws heavily on the SALT 2 program developed in the Philippines, and looks at the positive as well as the negative aspects of cut-and-carry systems utilizing primarily nitrogen-fixing plants as a feed source.