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Grain amaranths are annual plants and include several species of Amaranthus grown specifically for the seeds which are usually lighter colored than vegetable amaranth varieties. The cultivation of grain amaranths as food plants is traceable to ancient Aztec civilizations of Mexico. The grain amaranth species are highly variable; some experimentation with strains of available species may be necessary to find one suitable to a new area.


A Mexican landrace grain amaranth with a yellow inflorescence. (A. cruentus)

Grain Amaranth

This grain amaranth is known as smooth pigweed and is classified as Amaranthus hybridus. It has black seeds rather than white seeds. We caution against growing this where it is not already found as it can become weedy.  


Grain amaranth that grows 2m in height and produces red stems and flowers and abundant white edible seeds. Mature plants may need staking to support the weight of the seed heads. (A. hypochondriacus)


A 2m tall plant that produces a full, reddish-yellow inflorescence. Mature plants may need staking to support the weight of the seed heads. (A. hypochondriacus)


A Mexican landrace grain amaranth. (A. hypochondriacus)

RRP 1526B

A Kenyan variety that produces large, pink full tassels of seed. Plants needsstaking to support the heavy seed head. (A. hypochondriacus)

PI 538255

Yellow inflorescence, white stem.

PI 538320

Red inflorescence, white stem.

PI 606767

Light brown inflorescence.


White and yellow flowers. White seeds.


Red flowers. White seed.

Mix of Thai Varieties


Greenleaf / R108