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Carrots are a biennial herb with a swollen taproot that can be up to 25 cm long. This is generally a temperate, or high altitude tropical crop, but the variety ‘Uberlandia’ does well in the lower tropics.

Danvers 126

‘Danvers 126' is an open-pollinated midseason variety that is durable, bolt hardy, and strong tops.

Scarlet Nantes

‘Scarlet Nantes' are open-pollinated carrots are nearly coreless, orange, averaging 15 cm  long and mature in about 75 days. This is perhaps the best variety for cooler areas in the tropics or highland areas and also does well in clay soil.

Pyin Oo Lwin

Bigger root than Uberlandia with more bushy flowery stem. Less pests.


Uberlandia - Asia

Uberlandia Reed Franz Improved

‘Uberlandia Reed-Franz Improved' carrots are similar to 'Uberlandia', but have been further selected by an ECHO volunteer, Reed Franz for bolting in warm weather.