The tomato is one of the most common garden vegetables worldwide. It is a solanaceous plant that produces fruit of various shapes, sizes and colors. Growth of tomato plants is described as either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate varieties produce compact plants that stop growing when fruit sets on the top bud; fruits mature at about the same time with no additional setting of fruit. Indeterminate varieties result in vining plants that produce fruit over a long period of time, and fruits do not ripen all at once.  Indeterminate varieties require more support, using cages or trellises, than determinate varieties.


'Beefsteak' is an open pollinated large tomato that requires 85 days to maturity. It is an old standard variety with a beautiful deep red fruit that has a superb classic tomato taste.

Caro Rich

‘Caro Rich’ is an open-pollinated, determinate, large, smooth, globe-shaped, beefsteak-type, with 280 to 340 g. fruits that have 10 times as much as beta carotene as other tomatoes. This variety is very low in acid and requires 80 days to maturity.


‘Delicious’ is a medium-large, indeterminate, red slicing tomato developed from the ‘Beefsteak’ variety and takes 77 days to maturity.


‘Floradade’ us an open-pollinated, determinate variety developed by the University of Florida. It is resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt Races 1 & 2, and Gray Leafspot. It can be grown free-standing or staked and takes 80-85 days to maturity.


'Hayslip' is an open-pollinated, determinate tomato, developed by the University of Florida that matures in 70 to 80 days and shows resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt, Grey Leafspot, Blossom end rot, Black shoulder, Catface and cracking.


‘Homestead’ is a semi-determinate, wilt resistant, productive tomato with firm, tasty flesh that is ready in 80-83 days.


‘Komohana’ is an open-pollinated, determinate, red grape tomato from Hawaii that produces prolifically in 75-80 days.

Matt's Wild Cherry

‘Matt’s Wild Cherry’ is an indeterminate variety that yields deep-red, round fruits 0.5 cm-2 cm in diameter that have a tender, smooth texture, and loads of sweet flavor. This variety shows some resistance to early blight and late blight. Fruits split easily and are not good for market sale.

Roma VFN

'Roma VFN' is an open-pollinated, indeterminate, red, pear shaped fruit used fresh or for paste. It is disease resistant and matures in approximately 78 days.


'Tropic' is a large, indeterminate tomato, developed by the University of Florida. The plants should be staked for high yields of pinkish fruit starting at about 80 days. It is resistant to Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, Grey Leaf Spot, Graywall, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and Leaf molds.


'Walter' is an open-pollinated, determinate variety developed at the University of Florida Bradenton experiment station by Dr. Walter. It is resistant to Fusarium Wilt Races 1 & 2, and to Gray Leaf Spot.The red fruit, weighing approximately 225 grams matures in about 75 days.

Yellow Pear

‘Yellow Pear’ is a small, yellow, determinate, roma style fruit.


Medium sized variety, producing dark red fruit. Indeterminate.

Deep Red Fat Bumpy

Mashed for tomato sauce or soup, a little sweet


Similar care and flavor as Tommy Toe


Mild flavor, not sour, tolerant and very productive.

Tommy Toe

Similar looking to Sansai variety, but less yield. An heirloom cherry tomato variety, well known for its juiciness and flavor as well as general disease resistance. Fruits are 2.5 cm (1 in) and prolific.


Round fruit 10 cm (4 inches) and disease resistance

Mae Tha

Large sweet variety that can be used for making tomato sauce.

Local Thai

Small, cherry tomato variety. Grows easily on almost any soil as an annual vegetable. Produces many sour/ sweet fruits with bumpy shape.