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Maize is an annual, warm-climate crop in the grass family, thriving in open sunny environments with daytime temperatures of 20-24C. Maize is used fresh, frozen, canned, rolled and roasted for corn flakes, pressed for oil, or processed for ethanol as fuel. Maize is also an important feed source for poultry, swine and cattle. The whole plant is used as green fodder or as silage for cattle.

BR 473

Disease Resistant

Hawaiian Supersweet #9

‘Hawaiian Supersweet #9’ is an open-pollinated, yellow sweet corn developed by the University of Hawaii, specifically for the tropics. This variety matures in 68-75 days.

Hawaiian Supersweet #9 Silver

'Hawaiian Supersweet Silver #9' is an open-pollinated, white sweet corn variety from the University of Hawaii with 75% tropical parentage. This variety is resistant to corn borer and maize mosaic virus.

Quality Protein

‘Quality Protein' maize is higher in the amino acid lysine than other maize varieties. This variety must be grown in isolation to maintain the quality protein content.

Rio Grande Red

‘Rio Grande Red’, also known as ‘Bloody Mary’ was developed in New Mexico (USA). This variety dries well and makes a nice flour, and is also  used for livestock feed. It grows to less than 2 meters in height producing 1-2 ears with white-spotted red kernels in about 110 days.

Cubano Argentino

‘Cubano Argentino’, one of the parents of Tex Cuban maize, is an open-pollinated, tropical, yellow kernel maize useful for silage and feed. This variety has done well on the ECHO farm in the 2-4-2 maize trials.  It is dependable and has shown resistance to lodging even with heavy rain and wind. It performs well in day-neutral zones. If used in more temperate zones the plant will achieve tall green growth but will not tassel until day length shortens to 14 hours.

Painted Mountain

‘Painted Mountain Corn’ was developed by corn breeder Dave Christensen to grow quite far north in the USA. This variety is very rugged and productive in northern climates tolerating drought and cold. It matures in 70-90 days.

Tex Cuban

‘Tex-Cuban’ is an open-pollinated maize, developed by the University of Florida, that produces a white flint type kernel. This is a superior silage variety selected for high yield and nutrient content. The robust plant grows to a height of 4 meters, is tolerant of insects and diseases, and is adapted to heat and late season planting.

Naga Popcorn

From Northeast India. Small ears with hard, round, yellow kernels. Can be fed to animals. Hardy crop.

Naga Multi-Colored

From Northeast India. Mid-sized ears with multi-colored kernels. Grows vigorously under suitable conditions


Ranges from orange, light purple, to white. Heirloom variety from USA.

Samoeng Purple

Grains are a dark purple color.

Chiang Dao

Similar to Lampang variety. White color.


White-seeded variety with some slightly-purple kernels.

Dark Red

Wine red seeds with 19 cm pods. Grows vigorously.


Multi-colored orange and yellow. Full shape. Used for fodder.

Light Yellow

Tall plant with slender, light yellow ears. Used for fodder.

Dark Purple

Sticky and sweet kernels. 10-15cm long. Dark purple color.

Esaan Yellow

Similar to Hawaiian Supersweet #9. 111 days to harvest.

Silver Sweet Corn

Similar to Hawaiian Supersweet #9. White in color.

White & Light Red


Flint Corn 16072

Oaxacan Green