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Winged bean is a climbing, nitrogen-fixing, short-lived perennial vine usually grown as an annual. The pods, beans, leaves, tubers, and flowers of this plant are all edible.  It thrives in hot, humid areas where other beans are more likely to succumb to plant diseases.


This variety produces very vigorous vines with high yields of 20cm long pods. A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).


This variety produces gorgeous, large purple red pods.  A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).

Day Neutral

This green podded variety of winged bean will flower no matter the daylength, allowing for out of season production. This is the variety to plant if you want pod production during the long days of summer. 


Produces large, flat green pods that make transport easy due to shape. A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).


A mix of winged bean varieties. If you are unsure which variety may work in your area and you don't mind trying several out, we recommend requesting this mixture.


This variety has 23 cm long green pods with smaller wings than other varieties. A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).


Produces pods that are smaller than most other varieties. Good tuber production. A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).


Produces pods that are square shaped rather than flat. It has good tuber production during shorter, cooler days.  A short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).


This variety has longer thinner leaves that set this variety apart from other varieties and it originates from lines bred in southeast Asia. Looking into daylength sensitivity, but almost certain that it is short day flowering variety (daylength sensitive).

Pang Daeng Nawk

Short day-length variety from northern Thailand; produces long, tender pods (30 cm/12 in).

Purple Esaan

A short day- length variety with 25 cm (10 in), dark purple.

Purple Mae Tha

A short daylength, young pod with green-purple tip, mature pod is maroon.