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Vigna umbellata is a nitrogen-fixing perennial legume often grown as an annual. Depending on the variety, V. umbellata presents as vining, bush, or semi-erect forms, reaching heights of 30-200 cm. Produces 7.5-12.5 cm long pods. V. umbellata seeds vary in color from green-yellow to red to black.

A pulse crop, V. umbellata is an important food source for many parts of India and Southeast Asia. Leaves, flowers, tender shoots, immature pods, and seeds are all edible and utilized in various preparations, similar to other pulses. Dried seeds are boiled and eaten in soups, with rice, or as a rice substitute, or ground into flour. A multipurpose crop, V. umbellata is also a viable fodder species (provided as fresh or dried forage) and green manure cover crop.


A variety that grows 30-75 cm tall and does not require a trellis. 


A slender twining vine that does better on a trellis if available. Light green seed. 

Thai Green

Light yellow-green seed, slightly larger than ‘ECHO’ variety.


Light yellow-green seed.

Thai Department of Agriculture

Local Thai variety; black seed.

Chiang Dao

Local Thai variety, red seed.

Olive Green

Olive colored seed, slightly larger than other varieties.