Afternoon workshop

Sessions are 60 minutes in length, and give a chance for hands-on demonstrations and small group interactions about topics of interest to particular groups. (Apply to be an afternoon presenter here)

Workshops include:

  • Soil Life
  • Grafting
  • Raising third culture kids
  • Compost and vermiculture
  • Fruit tree propagation
  • Intro to bamboo varieties, propagation, and management
  • International transitions
  • Dryland Farming
  • Green Manure/Cover Crops
  • ECHO Tours:
    • Appropriate Technology Demonstration Tours
    • Agroforestry Tour
    • Seedbank


Evening sessions

Brief reports on a particular technique, plant, project, or approach and are 25 minutes long. This year we will also feature several 60-minute discussion topics, giving opportunity for group interaction and participation. (Apply to be an evening speaker here)