1. 28.04.2023 The following nine options can be searched on our website for more details as interventions. They are deemed by ECHO East Africa staff to be among the most impactful ways to sustainably alleviate hunger and the drudgery of rural pastoralist lives.
  2. 28.04.2023 This article summarizes research by Savannas Forever, conducted on behalf of Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Global Service Corps. Findings are shared with permission from Susan James, Director of Savannas Forever.
  3. 28.04.2023 Pastoralism has been for centuries an important component of living for multiple tribal groups in Africa, particularly for the Maasai. Historically tied to a nomadic life, pastoralism is changing.It is also in jeopardy, both as a cultural practice and as a way of sustaining a livelihood. This is...
  4. 28.04.2023 Maasai Pastoralists: Practices, Culture, and Role in Tanzanian Society Combating Hunger Among Pastoralists Intervention Descriptions forFood Security in Pastoral Communities Ferrocement Grain Storage Impact assessment of perennial vegetable training on attendees at hospitals and clinics
  5. This 8-page leaflet, practical for use in the field and easy to read, helps pastoralists understand markets for animals and milk. It gives background information on types of products, market chains, adding value and different types of markets. Marketing processes are clearly outlined, along with...
  6. ECHO East AfricaPastoralist Symposium connects individuals and organizations who seek to share their knowledge and best practices. This event will provide a network and training opportunity for those involved in alleviating hunger and poverty in East Africa. Three-hour sessions on the two...
  7. Session:The presentation will be a reflection on experiences and lessons learned from involvement with pastoralist communities since 1999. Presenter: Eamonn Brehony and Alais Morindat
  8. Lightning Talk, 2022 ECHO East Africa PastoralistSymposium, March 29, 2022 Presenter: Peadar Brehony
  9. Lightning Talk, ECHOEast Africa Pastoralist Symposium, March 29, 2022. Presenter: Anna Sirikwa
  10. Lightning Talk, ECHOEast Africa Pastoralist Symposium, March 29, 2022. Presenter: Ritha Tarimo