1. 01.01.2016 More than 200 million people living in dryland regions of Sub-Saharan Africa make their living from agriculture. Most are exposed to weather shocks, especially drought, that can decimate their incomes, destroy their assets, and plunge them into a poverty trap from which it is difficult to emerge....
  2. 01.01.1976 This review deals with three aspects, i.e., ecology, cultivation, and diseases and pests, of 23 crops which are grown in the West African Semi-Arid Tropics. These crops form six groups: cereals, legumes, roots and tubers, vegetables, fibres, and other crops. 154 pages, tables
  3. 01.07.1998 In this report, the authors review published work on soil nutrient management for food crop production in sub-Saharan Africa. It is intended for a wide range of users including soil scientists, agronomists, social scientists and extension workers. Trop/Soils/TAMU Technical Bulletin 98-03 50...
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  8. 01.01.2007 This paper will examine the impact of macroeconomic forces, as well as the role of internal elements that precipitated the decline in cocoa quality and production. It will additionally offer recommendations on measures that could be adopted to help reverse this downward trend and help producers...
  9. 01.01.1974 This book is divided in two section: vegetation types and vegetation and environment. The first section covers forest, rangelands, inland aquatic vegetation, sea coast, and high mountain vegetation. The second section looks at climate and soils. 257 pages, illustrated, photos
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