1. Creole Document - Appropriate Technology for Farmers
  2. Creole Document - Raising Rabbits
  3. Creole Document - treating coffee leaf rust
  4. ECHO Network members in Haiti produce development notes in Creole.
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  8. The Central American rust epidemic uncovered dire inefficiencies in disease monitoring and farm-level resources for coping with disease. World Coffee Research is focusing on applied research around plant genetics and farm management, including the need to provide farmers with better guidance on...
  9. At AgInno Institute we’re applying state-of-the-art agricultural research to the problem of global food security. We believe that innovative solutions are required to develop sustainable techniques for individuals and communities in developing countries. Our research and pilot programs will...
  10. Fonkoze (The Foundation) was created over 23 years ago to bring financial inclusion and development services to Haiti's poor - providing them a viable way to lift themselves out of poverty. Today, we are a family of 3 organizations - Fonkoze Financial Services (SFF), Fonkoze Foundation and...