1. With more than 45,000 sold since 1989,The New Organic Growerhas become a modern classic. In this newly revised and expanded edition, master grower Eliot Coleman continues to present the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables. Coleman updates practical...
  2. This publication describes the different home garden vegetables and how to grow and harvest them. Problems in growing each vegetable are included.
  3. Within the sections for each vegetable, you'll learn about planning, seed starting, soil conditioning, varieties, insect and disease protection, havrvesting tips--as discovered and developed by many of the most successful organic gardeners.
  4. Great tips for your garden: More About Extra Sweet Corn; Great Taste in Potatoes; How to Keep Cucumbers Coming; Climate Control (Key to Pepper Production; Toward the Flawless Beet; The Secret to Growing Big, Sweet Carrots; How to Grow Onions All Year; Never Too Early for Peas.
  5. This publication tells how to garden organically and includes some recipes.
  6. One of the biggest names in the large and rapidly expanding sport of growing giant vegetables reveals his unique--and unusual--secrets for gardening gargantuan greens, including how to plant, prune, protect, and nurture each plant for maximum results and mega-poundage. Color photos throughout.
  7. This volume is about using your raised bed garden. In the pages to follow, you will discover novel ways to plant, irrigate, feed, and protect your garden. All of the techniques and procedures described have been evaluated and are effective.
  8. A good reference and resource book of tips to successful gardening.
  9. Your garden is almost guaranteed to be more successful when you apply the wisdom found in this book. For it appraises the work of the mulching pioneers such as Ruth Stout, the Rodale staff and Leonard Wickenden, and combines it with the newest finds in the whole field. It steers beginning and...
  10. How to grow food in containers on your balcony, patio, doorstep, any small place includes canning, preserving.