1. Uses drawings and detailed descriptions to identify more than a thousand species of mushrooms, and indicates which are edible, and which are poisonous
  2. 1978-01-01 This guide is a step toward complete survey of the native, naturalized, introduced and cultivated plants of importance in this regard. 91 pages, tables Circular 441
  3. Properly used by victims, their families and friends and by emergency medical personnel and physicians, the information in this book can, perhaps, save lives and may prevent a lot of pain and suffering. The work is also designed to inform on a broad and interesting biological subject as well as...
  4. 1962-04-01 97 pages, illustrated, photos Miscellaneous Publication No. 882
  5. 1966-01-01 This booklet includes as poisonous all those plants which when introduced on or into an organism in any manner may chemically produce an injurious or deadly effect. 24 pages, illustrated
  6. 1984-06-01 The purpose of this bulletin is twofold: first, to enable citizens to recognize which common plants can cause poisoning or dermatitits; and second, to assist physicians in adjusting treatment to the specific substance involved when cases of plant poisoning come to their attention. 38 pages,...
  7. 1987-02-01 This publication includes description, habitat and distribution, toxicity, and symptoms of poisonous plants. 55 pages, drawings
  8. 1973-01-01 This booklet has been developed to aid families in planning safe gardens, give fuller knowlege of wild plants, and, in the case of an accidental ingestion, provide assistance in identifying the plant. 23 pages, illustrated, photos
  9. 1966-01-01 43 pages, illustrated
  10. 1974-01-01 Lists plants which bring about such disturbing effects as allergies, dermatitis, and internal poisoning and suggests ways to avoid plant poisoning. 194 pages, illustrated, photos