1. This book of 'small talks' has been designed for use as a teaching tool with individuals or small groups. Their use has been evaluated and regular use has proven to have brought about positive behaviour change.
  2. 2010-05-01 This report identifies countries that have invested in training and deploying more femalehealth workers and shows how these women are delivering lifesaving health care to some of the poorest and hardest-to-reach mothers and babies. It identifies strategies and approaches that are succeeding in...
  3. This publication discusses the critical role that high diastatic barley malt flour plays in the care of weaning infants and the severly malnourished. 23 pages 2 copies
  4. 1997-01-19 This Agrodok booklet has been published by Agromisa Foundation. We hope that the information given in this booklet will help people in developing countries in preventing malnutrition among young children. 2 Copies Second Edition : 2005