1. 1989-01-01 Gardening in Florida is quite different from that in the North. This book answers most of your questions and some you hadn't considered. Although not a new book, it is current in its facts and tips. A must for people who want to start backyard gardens in Florida.
  2. 2001-01-01 This book is packed with information that explains what needs to be done and when it needs to be done in Florida gardens.
  3. 1954-01-01 Gardening in Florida is often confusing to both the native Floridian and the individual who moves into the state from other areas. Because the temperate Florida climate is milder than that of most of the nation, gardening in the state is based on quite a different schedule than that found in...
  4. 0987-01-01 Horticulturist Tom MacCubbin addresses the special problems and year-round rewards of gardening in subtropical Florida. MacCubbin is host of the popular public broadcastign series Florida Home Grown, produced b WMFE-Orlando. In this book he gives clear and practical advice on: -Basics of good...
  5. 1959-01-01 This publication includes a description, where grown, when planted, when harvested and principal usage of Florida plants.
  6. 1962-01-01 What grows in Florida - how to grow it and where to get it.
  7. 1995-01-01 This book contains information on color theory, seasonal plant ideas and spring, summer, autumn and winter gardens.