1. 2022-11-16
  2. 2022-11-16 Session:Clemson University’s Musser Fruit Research Center conducts a variety of research centered on peaches, hosts a peach breeding program and one of the three National Clean Plant Network centers. Topics covered will include disease management through cultural methods and breeding, the role of...
  3. 2022-11-15 Session:Learn a model of combining regenerative agriculture, re-vegetation, and biodiversity protection in order to protect, restore and reconnect ecosystems to create healthy, connected and productive landscapes where people and nature flourish.
  4. 2022-11-15 Session:A Session on Community-Saving Grains.
  5. 2022-11-16 Session :We will look at some principles of establishing/growing fruit trees. I will share some examples of what has and hasn’t worked during my time of working with fruit trees in Haiti. We will attempt to focus this time together on sharing and discussing practical technologies that are...
  6. 2022-11-16 Session :Everyone becomes a manager whether they want to or not; whether it's a small committee or large business. And yes, it even applies to working in agriculture!
  7. 2022-11-17 Session :This workshop will be a time to discuss the various stages of transitioning from one culture to another and healthy ways to manage these transitions.
  8. 2017-01-11 Session :Developing country smallholder farmers need information on technologies and practices that will sustainably increase their yields – but they also need inputs and profitable markets for their products. The USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program strongly focuses on farmer...
  9. 2022-11-16 Session :AFARI community-based learning rooted in agriculture integrates foodlife, education, climate action, and organizational resilience to contribute towards a peaceful world. Learn about Asain missions through AFARI.
  10. 2022-11-16 Session : Presenter :