1. 1998-01-01 A reference book for identifying and solving common gardening problems covers pest control, diseases, and proper garden management
  2. 1998-01-08 This book incorporates several new developments since the publication of the first edition. Use this reference as a guide to to identification and control of tropical plant diseases. Up-to-date information tropical plant diseases including special emphasis on molecular biology, genetic...
  3. 2002-01-01 This practical reference provides professional growers with the tools necessary to make in-the-field identifications of tropical foliage disorders. Listing more than 70 varieties of foliage plants, this guide covers a broad range of disorders, including pest damage, disease, phytotoxicity, and...
  4. Everything you wanted to know about tropical fruit crop diseases.
  5. In this book the author has brought together much of the basic information for fruit and nut crop diseases to provide practicing agriculturists and professional workers with a useful tool. The material is presented so that a highly technical background is not needed for its interpretation.
  6. 1977-01-19 This book on tropical diseases, pests, and weeds has been written by 152 authors from many countries, all of whom can claim personal experience in their subjects, gained largely in the field.
  7. This publication provides the reader a basic appreciation and knowledge of the need for crop protection to help them recognise pest and disease problems when they occur. It is hoped that this will stimulate an interest in the more specialised texts and draw the attention of appropriate specialist...
  8. This publication provides practical and comprehensive information to integrated pest managementworkers in rice fields throughout tropical Asia. It briefly discusses rice plant structure and growth stages and stresses their relation to pest management.
  9. 关键资源 1988-01-01 This book is designed as a textbook but can also be used by field workers as a handbook for identitfication of crop pests and diseases. Pests and diseases are listed under each of forty major crops.
  10. This study looks at the value of arachis as a forage crop.