Invasive alien species (often IAS in the literature) are those species introduced to an area outside their normal or native range, either purposefully or by accident, whose colonization causes significant harm. The species may become weeds, pests or pathogens, affecting both human interests and natural systems, and impacting agricultural systems, native ecosystems, biological diversity, or human well-being (Perrings et al. 2002; UNEP; CBD). Wellknown examples of invasive alien species include kudzu in the United States, water hyacinth throughout the tropics, zebra mussels in the Great Lakes, and European starlings in North America.



David S. Price

入侵性外来物种(教科书常称 IAS)是一种物种被有目的或偶然引进一个它平常生长的地方以 外的区域,因为它的侵略性对当地造成非常大的损害。这些物种可能会变成杂草、害虫和病原 体,从而影响人类的经济收益、自然系统、农业系统,自然生态、生物多样性或人类的生活 ((Perrings et al. 2002, UNEP; CBD)。进入美国的比较有名的入侵性外来物种包括野葛、遍布热带 的水葫芦、遍布五大湖区的斑马和遍布北美的紫翅椋鸟

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