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Edible Portion: Fruit, Leaves - Flavouring

A spreading, spiny tree. It grows up to 15 m high. It is dome shaped. The leaves are very large. They are glossy and oval and downy underneath. The leaf stalks have broad wings. Young shoots and stems have fine hairs on them. Flowers are large (2 cm) and creamy white. The flowers are produced in bunches from woody shoots. The flowers have a sweet scent. The fruit are oval or pear shaped. The fruit is very large (20 cm) with a thick skin. The skin is dotted with oil glands. The fruit are green but become yellow when ripe. They contain 11-14 segments. The flesh can be pale yellow or pink. Each segment of the fruit is covered by a strong membrane. Some kinds have many seeds, while others are almost seedless. There are several named cultivated varieties.

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