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There is enormous potential for digitalisation to help achieve food and nutrition security and resilience to climate change, as well as promote engagement of youth and women in agribusiness in Africa. But this potential will not be fulfilled by chance. At such a defining moment for this burgeoning market, we will only realise the true benefit of D4Ag in Africa with strong, coordinated leadership. One of the report’s key messages is that, up until now, D4Ag development has been mostly donor driven and rather piecemeal.  However, if these initiatives are to be scaled up and really have an impact then collaboration is necessary to avoid duplication, and investment must move from the public to private sector.

D4Ag in Africa now needs an alliance of governments, donors, farmers, agribusinesses and international bodies partnering with big tech companies to support organisations on the ground that are well positioned to design products that directly serve farmers’ needs. From trust and privacy to accessibility, a collaborative approach from all interested parties would not only protect users and ensure fairness and transparency, but ensure that technology is a force for good for Africa.