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Người Thuyết trình: Brittany Ederer

Sự kiện: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2018 (14-11-2018)

The Cape Town Commitment says, "Creation care is a Gospel issue under the Lordship of Jesus Christ." Many missionaries experience firsthand the environmental degradation that makes Christian development work challenging, but don't have conservationists or scientists on staff to meaningfully address the issues. Creation care consultation fills the gap where missions organizations or churches see the need for more intentional environmental stewardship, but aren't sure how to begin. This short talk will focus on two case studies of creation care consultation: one in the Peruvian Amazon, the other in Thomazeau, Haiti.

Brittany Ederer

Brittany works as the Creation Care Outreach Specialist for Care of Creation, Inc. in Madison, WI. She is consulting an NGO in Haiti on school gardens and other agricultural projects. Brittany has an M.S. in Environmental Conservation and a B.S. in Int'l Agriculture and Natural Resources, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.