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Teff, Eragrostis tef, is a warm season annual grass in the family Poaceae grown for its grain which can be ground into flour. The teff plant characteristically possesses a large crown and many tillers (lateral offshoots originating from the base of the stem). The plant is fine stemmed and grows in tufts. It produces a panicle (a branched flower cluster) with spikelets that hold the grain. The panicle can possess 190 to 1410 spikelets and can be either compact or loose in form. The teff grain ranges in colour from white to brown or reddish purple and is very small in size (1.0-1.7 mm in length). The plant produces 2-12 white or dark brown flowers on the spikelets. Teff is an annual plant, harvested after one growing season and it can grow 25-135 cm in height depending on the cultivar. Teff may also be referred to as Tef, Xaafii, lovegrass, annual bunch grass or warm season annual bunch grass and it originates from Ethiopia.

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