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The purpose of the Seminar was to review the present state of knowledge on the production, management, and utilization of forages under acid infertile soil conditions in the tropics, with emphasis in Latin Amerca, but taking advantage of relevant experiences gained in other parts of the world. An additional objective was to establish mechanisms among the interested institutions in the development and transfer of improved pasture production technology to beef producers. This book consists of 31 papers 30 which were presented at the Seminar and one which summarizes its conclusions.

488 pages, illustrated, tables

Chi tiết Ấn phẩm

  • Phát hành: 1978
  • Nhà Xuất Bản: Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, Beef Program
  • Dewey Decimal: 631.42
  • Thư viện ECHO: 631.42 SAN