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Người Thuyết trình: Rachel Monger

Sự kiện: Symposium on Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture (14-02-2019)

Session: This workshop seeks to draw together people involved in or interested in top-bar beekeeping. Drawing from our experience of starting beekeeper groups in rural villages in the Mwanza region, we will discuss challenges faced, lessons learned and also the potential for the future of beekeeping in Tanzania. We will discuss practice for caring for hives, harvesting honey and wax, processing and marketing honey and wax products.

Biographical information: Rachel Monger has lived in Tanzania with her husband Tim and two daughters since 2010. Serving with Emmanuel International, they introduced village beekeeping training in 2016 to integrate with Conservation Agriculture and Tree Planting Projects. Rachel also works with various women's groups training them in the making and marketing of a variety of beeswax products.