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Người Thuyết trình: Tre’ Cates

Sự kiện: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2015 (17-11-2015)

A different type of intelligence is needed to address the complexity of our current world, Tre’ will discuss the connection between holism, faith, and the needed regeneration in our soils, souls, and society.


Tre’ is the COO/CFO of the Savory Institute in Boulder, Colorado.  After graduating from Ouachita Baptist University in 1993, he founded two faith-based non-profits, growing these organizations to memberships of 100+ people.  Moving to Colorado in 1996, he founded a successful technology sales company in 1997.  Tre’ has received multiple awards and is active in his community by serving on the board of several companies including multiple non-profits.  He has a BA in Philosophy from Ouachita Baptist University and a MA in Theology from Southwestern Seminary.