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Người Thuyết trình: Grace Baldwin & Alan Baldwin

Sự kiện: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2018 (14-11-2018)

This workshop will include utilizing results from project work conducted over the past year that will illustrate the importance of the Partnership Development Process, Comparison of a Traditional Needs Assessment model that was utilized years earlier from another agency’s work versus an Asset Based Community Development Approach utilized in the current project work, and how to engage cost effective models to minimize partnership and project.

Alan E. Baldwin

26 Years of Providing Platforms for Global Connections of Resources to Maximize Sustainable Solutions Delivered through Partnership and Collaboration Solution Engagements which Focus on the Elimination of Poverty and the Improvement of Health Conditions. Target Areas of Experience and Concentration include Global Food Security, One Health, Global Missions, Business and Personal Transformation, STEM Education Platform Strategy. Skills Utilized include Leadership Strategy, Start up Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Negotiation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Shared Value Proposition Strategies for Government, NGO, and Community, Academic, and Business Communities Engaged. Education includes Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees in Engineering and Business from Purdue University. Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Certified Hill Rom Corporation Robust and Reliability Statistical Analysis Methodology.

Grace Baldwin

Grace completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree at Purdue University in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with a focus in Environment and Natural Resources Engineering. Grace is now in the second year of her Master of Science degree at Purdue  University in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with a focus in Environment and Natural Resources Engineering as well. As part of her thesis she has worked with Global Resource Connections Inc (GRC) and the Methodist Church Ghana to develop the current extension demonstration farm located in the Lake Bosomtwe Impact Crater.