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This paper describes the development of a credit fund programme in informal settlements in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over a 15 year period from 1993-2007.  It focuses on the creation, implementation and sustainability of credit funds for housing improvement and how these developed and changed in response to both external factors and programme dynamics.  It pays particular attention to the programme's most recent phase, in which the management of the funds was decentralised into separate neighborhood funds in three communities.  It explains how each neighborhood fund is managed, especially the role of the women who administer them.  It also analyses their respective levels of performance and considers prospects and challenges for the future. 

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  • Nhà Xuất Bản: International Institute for Environment and Development
  • ISBN-10: 13579258
  • Dewey Decimal: 332.1
  • Thư viện ECHO: 332.1 IIE