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As a scientist every one of us to give oral presentations to various audiences at one time or another, to present either our own scientific findings or to communicate facts obtained from other sources.  Visuals are commonly used to support our talks.  However, quite often we feel that our visuals and their presentation do not have the desired impact.  There may be a variety of reasons for visuals being ineffective.  But one thing is sure:  if we give a little attention to the scientific principles or preparing and using visuals, our disappointments will be fewer.  This booklet, which is a component of a slide-tape module, duscusses such principles.  The module is being produces as a part of ILCA's endeavour to package the content of our training courses in a self-learning format.  The module is targetting at participants in ILCA's group training programme but is expected to be equally useful to other researchers, educatiors and trainers concerned with making bets use of visuals in their presentations.

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  • Nhà Xuất Bản: International Livestock Centre for Africa
  • ISBN-10: 9290531800
  • Dewey Decimal: 302.23
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