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Bởi: Martin L. Price
Phát hành: 19-12-1981

This is a question we have been asking for some time. The idea is to prepare pellets using an appropriate technology pelletizer, using waste biomass or charcoal made from it. We do not have much to report at this time except that an engineer has designed and is making a simple pelletizer for us. I have found reference to a “mini-Cusab kiln” for making charcoal from low-grade material and have sent for the reprint. I mention this at this time primarily to solicit information from any of you who have used or heard of such a device. We do not want to reinvent the wheel! If successful, such an approach could relieve some of the pressure on trees for fuel and could provide opportunities for small business and employment.

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Price, M.L. 1981. Can Cooking Fuel Be Made From Low-Grade Biomass By Appropriate Technology?. ECHO Development Notes no. 1

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