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Excerpt from Neem's Potential in Pest Management Programs: Proceedings of the Usda Neem Workshop, Beltsville, Maryland, April 16-17, 1990

In 1974-75, a group at Columbia University in New York reported the chemical identification of portions of the azadirachtin and salannin molecules responsible for the major pesticidal properties of neem seeds. Also in 1975, the u.s. Department of Agriculture (usda) station at Beltsville, MD and 10 usda stations in this country embarked on a comprehensive research program on silviculture, chemistry, and pest control properties of neem. Several American universities collaborated or worked independently on this program. The research, which still continues at several locations, has demonstrated or verified the outstanding effects of neem extracts against numerous Species of destructive insect and fungal pests. The tree is being successfully grown at USDA Experimental Stations in Miami, FL, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix.

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  • Nhà Xuất Bản: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
  • Dewey Decimal: 632.95
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