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This book explains why our African diet has so many health benefits. It contains examples of practice, culture, health, and science. It honors our food cultures while also warning us about the dangers of chemicals and misguided approaches such as biofortification.

“As a Public Health Physician turned Sustainable Development Practitioner and passionate advocate of preventive interventions, I strongly recommend reading and using this book as an awareness creation tool resulting in dietary behavior changes,” said Dr. Peter Ogera Mokaya, Executive Director of Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA) and a Public Health and Development Practitioner. “Coming at a time when the current conventional food system is broken and has failed by producing toxic food, this book fills a gap, it provides a much-needed alternative healthy diets solution to food insecurity, rising chronic disease burden, and the climate crisis, by providing an Afrocentric roadmap to safe and healthy diets and a healthy ecosystem”