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Because managing weeds usually involves a combination of chemical and cultural methods, it should be based on a knowledge of the specific weeds to be controlled, the habitats in which thye are likely to occur and the means by which they enter and persist in a turfgrass community.  This information is covered in the three chapters on weed taxonomy, ecology, and control; and constitutes the foundation on which a turf weed control program should be constructed. The subjects covered in this book embody in a microcosm the multidimensional nature of agriculture in all of its complexity-scientific, technical, environmental, and social.

Chi tiết Ấn phẩm

  • Phát hành: 1994
  • Nhà Xuất Bản: American Society of Agronomy: Crop Science Society of America
  • ISBN-10: 0891181202
  • Dewey Decimal: 635.9
  • Thư viện ECHO: 635.9 TUR