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59 pp : ill. 

[ Gift of Dr Abram Bicksler Jan 24, 2023 ] 


The Diet 6

Feeds 8

To formulate a Balanced ration 9

Examples of daily requirements of dairy cows 10

How to Calculate a Balanced Diet 12

Examples of daily requirements 13

Digestibility/Intake 14

Average Nutritive Value of Some Local Feed Supplements 15

The Balanced Diet 16

Pasture Management 18

Selection of Species 19

Establishment 20

Management and Use 21

Pasture Management 23

Minerals 24

Dairy Cattle Nutrition 26

Most Common Causes of Calf Mortality 26

Housing 27

Nutrition 28

Weaning 29

Concentrates 30

Forage Conservation Silage 33

To Make Good Silage 34

Types of Silos 35

Nutritive Value 37

To Improve Nutritive Value of Silage During Ensiling 38

How to Calculate Silage Requirements 39

Essential Minerals 40

Availability 41

Mineral Losses 42

Economic Criteria for Dairy Cattle Nutrition 46

General Criteria for Improving Economic Efficiency 47

Remember 48

Tropical Legumes 49

Advantages of Legumes 50

Value of Legumes in Animal Production 51

Farming Systems with Legumes 52

Establishment 53

Management 54   

Examples of Tropical Legumes 55


There are currently over one hundred (100) operating dairy farms across Jamaica in the parishes of St Elizabeth, Claren-don, Hanover, Manchester, St Ann, Portland and St Catherine. In an effort to continue the support of our local dairy produc-ers, processors and traders, we have engaged in multiple de-velopment type initiatives geared towards bolstering growth and sustained improvements within the Dairy Sector. Dairy Management involves vital processes that governs the breeding, feeding, grazing system, cattle rearing, disease and parasite control and high milk production in the dairy sec-tor. This handbook was designed to outline the various aspects of Dairy Management. Theses include: Nutrition of Cows, Pas-ture Management, Dairy Cattle Herd Management, Fodder Conservation and Climate Smart Strategies for Dairy Produc-tion.

Chi tiết Ấn phẩm

  • Phát hành: 2019
  • Nhà Xuất Bản: Kingston : Jamaican Dairy Development Board
  • Dewey Decimal: 636.214
  • Thư viện ECHO: 636.214 JAM