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The book "Quality and Production of Forage" is intended to keep readers updated on the developments occurring in this field. As it is apparent that livestock animals are important throughout the world because of the meat, milk and egg they produce, knowledge about the forages available to animals must also be considered for increased production, quality and efficiency. This book provides information that readers will find considerably invaluable about forage feeds, such as grass, legumes, and straw. The book is composed of ten papers, focusing on a wide range of research activities and topics that feature the following concepts of forage: the effect of conservation method on forage protein value; Microbial the composition and mycotoxin content in forage; genetic diversity of forages; timely sowing to maximize yield for both grain and biomass; ensiling treatments on forage quality; the qualitative characteristics of different accessions of new forage species; forage policy influencing feed costs; feeding forage on animal health; high-protein tropical forages as alternative sources for poultry; impact of forages in poultry diet and significance of forages in sustainable poultry production systems. This book will be an invaluable reference for students and professionals in agricultural science and grassland and animal husbandry researches.

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  • Phát hành: 2019
  • Nhà Xuất Bản: Mdpi AG
  • ISBN-10: 3039216740
  • ISBN-13: 3039216740