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Climate change presents a profound challenge to food security and sustainable development in Africa. Its negative impacts are likely to be greatest in the African region, which is already food insecure. In the face of global climate change and its emerging challenges and unknowns, it is essential that decision makers base policies on the best available knowledge. In recent years, the knowledge of local and indigenous people, often referred to as indigenous knowledge (IK) has been increasingly recognised as an important source of climate knowledge and adaptation strategies.

CHAPTER 1 - Indigenous knowledge and climate change: Overview and basic propositions
CHAPTER 2 - Indigenous knowledge systems: Their history, development over time and role in sustainable development and climate change management
CHAPTER 3 - Using indigenous knowledge for seasonal quality prediction in managing climate risk in sub-Saharan Africa
CHAPTER 4 - Indigenous-based climate science from the Zimbabwean experience: From impact identification, mitigation and adaptation
CHAPTER 5 - Seasonal climate prediction in Zimbabwe using indigenous knowledge systems
CHAPTER 6 - The use of underutilised crops and animal species in managing climate change risks
CHAPTER 7 - The challenges of documentation and conservation of indigenous knowledge for natural resources management
CHAPTER 8 - Indigenous knowledge to address the challenges of climate change: Case of Machobane Farming System in Lesotho
CHAPTER 9 - Relevance of indigenous knowledge in weather and climate forecasts for agricultural adaptation to climate variability and change in Malawi
CHAPTER 10 - Indigenous knowledge for climate change adaptation in Nigeria
CHAPTER 11 - The role of indigenous knowledge in seasonal weather forecasting and planning of farm activities by rural crop farmers in Uganda
CHAPTER 12 - Indigenous knowledge systems for managing climate change in South Africa
CHAPTER 13 - Indigenous knowledge practices for climate change adaptation among agro-pastoral communities in the semi-arid areas of East Africa
CHAPTER 14 - Indigenous knowledge in weather and seasonal rainfall prediction in Zambia
CHAPTER 15 - The future of indigenous knowledge systems and climate sciences

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  • Phát hành: 2017
  • Nhà Xuất Bản: CTA
  • ISBN-13: 978-92-9081-619-5