1. Onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivation in Jamaica dates back to more than 50 years ago (ADC, 1963). It is a culinary ‘must use’ for Jamaican diets and more than 10 million kg is consumed annually. Over the last 18 years, onion production has declined significantly from 4,200 tonnes in 1996 to 680...
  2. 01 مارچ 1982 This booklet looks at the fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & sees, spices, and roots of Jamaica. it includes a description of each and uses of each. It also looks at herbal remedies. 34 pages, illustrated
  3. 01 جنوری 1958 A traveller's guide to some of the common trees, shrubs, vines and crop plants. 77 pgs, illustrations
  4. 01 جنوری 1983 The information which is presented here covers a wide range of subjects in the rearing,feeding, breeding and caring of cattle, small stock and horses. The style which has been adopted makes the book relevant as a guide to livestock farmers, as a text for professionals, teachers and students.