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Member Highlight: Mama Shujaa's Journey with ECHO East Africa 2024-08-06

by Brianna Medina, Lola Teer Beast, RobertoFortunato. Joyce Nambaso, and CharlesBonaventura

In the heart of Meru district,Elinuru, or as most people callher "Mama Shujaa" translatedfrom Swahili as “warrior woman”stands as a beacon of resilienceand sustainability, embodyingthe spirit of change within hercommunity. Mama Shujaa's introduction to ECHO came years ago during a transformative training session on perennial vegetables. Inspired by the possibilities these resilient crops offered, she became a fervent advocate, transforming her own garden into a living example of sustainable agriculture. Mama Shujaa firmly believes in the transformative potential of youth. She advocates for integrating environmental education into the school curriculum, empowering the next generation to confront climate change head-on. Her vision is simple yet profound: every child should learn not only how to grow a tree but also how to tend to their own gardens at home. Through these encounters, Mama Shujaa amplified her voice, advocating for sustainable practices and the empowerment of women in agriculture. As she aptly puts it, "The only way to make long-term changes is through education," a philosophy that continues to guide her journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Learn more about perennial vegetables in East Africa

ECHO Asia Introduction to Soil Science 2024-07-30

Are you interested to learn more about the basics of soil science? ECHO Asia put together an instructional series to help those starting in agriculture to get a deep dive into the basics of soils and the specifics of soils in the tropics! This 4 part training gives a broad overview and introduction to some basic soil characteristics: phases (solid, liquid, gas), texture, density, structure, reaction (pH), plant-water relationships, organic matter, biology, and nutrients. 

Learn about Soil Science

Join the Conversation: Vermiculture Systems 2024-07-23

An ongoing ECHO Conversation has been happening around your experience with verimcomposting (worm farming). Do you have experience in trying to cultivate worms? Have you had success or failures you'd be willing to share with the wider ECHO Community? We are excited to learn from what you have to share! 

Join the Conversation

ECHO Global Goals: The Next 5 Years 2024-07-09

As ECHO continues to grow and evolve in a dynamic global landscape, we have developed a cohesive framework for setting biennial plans across our diverse Regional Impact Centers (RICs). This seminal document shares with you - our Network - our vision, mission, and motivation, the 7 unique benefits that differentiate ECHO to meet critical needs worldwide, explains the core functions of ECHO's strategy, and details the 5 global goals of our next 5 years of operation.

We are excited that you chose ECHO to equip and encourage you in your work with or as a smallholder farmer. Please read this important shared resource as we co-create options for thriving at the individual and community level around the world!

Download the 2024-2029 ECHO Strategic Framework

This August in Malawi: ECHO East Africa and Canadian Foodgrains Bank Joint Symposium 2024-07-02

Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture & Appropriate Technologies

ECHO East Africa and Canadian Foodgrains Bank will be sharing best practices promoted by different specialists from across the region. It will be an opportunity to network among those working in East and Southern Africa to alleviate poverty, fight against hunger, and improve food security and the overall livelihood of the people we serve.

We hope you will encourage your colleagues and partners in other organizations to attend, and even to offer presentations. We encourage organizations to support participants, especially from Malawi who are working on the frontlines of rural development to combat hunger, poverty, and malnutrition and to raise standards of living. Please refer this opportunity to people you know or send us any contacts or networks whom you think we should invite. We anticipate this to be a very rich event for all involved. 

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General themes: 

  • agroecology
  • climate smart practices
  • conservation agriculture
  • arden techniques in drylands
  • nutrition improvement
  • a Biblical basis to working in communities
  • reconciliation/peace-making
  • reducing post- harvest losses
  • gender, women and girls’ issues

ECHO Fully Forward Together Strategic Framework 2024-06-24

As the world has shifted and changed, ECHO has shifted and changed to meet the needs of smallholder farmers but stay true and consistent to our calling and passions. ECHO is defined not only by what we do but by who we are and the values we uphold. We are committed to remain steadfast in our mission to defeat hunger and improve lives worldwide. Each person and team is committed to honoring God by moving fully forward together, serving the world with passion, integrity, and purpose. Thank you for joining with ECHO!

Learn More about ECHO's Vision and Mission

Download the Strategic Framework (PDF)

July24 TAD Registration Closing Soon 2024-06-18

GraftingAre you still thinking about signing up for our Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development course? By taking this 5 day training course you will learn from experienced staff about topics such as seed saving, soil health, agroforestry, appropriate technology, propagation, farm planning and MORE! 

Registration prices include training, lodging AND meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)!

Don't miss this training opportunity and sign up today! Registration for this course ends on June 30th. To find out more details and to register please click the link below.

ECHO North America: Introduction to Tropical Agriculture Development

EIAC Registration Now Open! 2024-06-11

EIAC 2024_Updated2024 ECHO International Agriculture Conference registration is now open! 

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The plenary speakers, breakout sessions and workshops provide opportunities for learning with others devoted to eradicating hunger and improving lives through agriculture and community development. Speakers share their agricultural challenges and successes, personal experiences, and transferrable principles for improving the lives of millions facing food insecurity daily. The highlight is networking with like-minded practitioners, researchers, and educators. The conference is from November 12-14 in Fort Myers, Florida. Come celebrate over 30 years of networking and learning together!

EDN #164 Now Available 2024-06-03

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Lauren Daniels-Judge


Depending on the season, allow more airflow into poly-propagators by lifting sides of the polythene or plexiglass. In the hottest months, we find that temperatures inside the poly-propagators can reach higher than 35°C (95°F), which is too hot for most propagation material. During hot months, check the humidity and heat levels in the poly-propagator daily and adjust the airflow accordingly. You can roll the polyethylene sides up so that you slowly wean the plants into lower humidity or provide temporary relief from heat.

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Creative Capacity Building 2024-05-28

ECHO East Africa regularly engages local communities in creative capacity building workshops. Design is a creative process in which everyone can engage meaningfully in addressing community-level problems. Solutions are better when the design process is inclusive and when contributors are encouraged in their creative abilities. Honoring and celebrating farmer perspectives is vital to community engagement and progress. Creative capacity building shifts the focus of technological development to the design process, instead of the end product. In their talk, Erwin and Harold share about what Creative Capacity is as well as share their experience in coordinating and conducting Creative Capacity Training Workshops (originally an MIT initiative).

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