1. 01-01-2011 Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc.'s Gardening for Grades activity booklet was designed to help teachers educate students about the importance of Florida agriculture. The booklet highlights several kinds of school gardens and the resources to create them. Florida produces more fresh...
  2. Directions on how to set up a school garden, as well as activities to teachfrom a school garden.
  3. 01-01-1995 This publication teaches about growing plants in your garden, and while you may love to grow plants that are pretty, this book emphasizes plants that are good to eat. You can grow plants to eat, and it's like having magic at your fingertips. Self-published, 8.5x11, no pagination.
  4. 01-01-1914 This book describes a project to consider if you would like to raise and market a fruit, vegetable, or flower crop, or if you have already completed a project in horticulture and would like a new challenge. 24 pgs, illus
  5. Inspired by the French tradition of teaching children to appreciate fresh and healthful foods, The Children's Kitchen Garden offers a new approach to gardening, cooking, and learning that brings children and adults together.
  6. 01-01-1980 This publication reports on Save the Children's garden project which was initiated in order to demonstrate to the field coordinators, as well as other program personnel, that health and nutrition are closely related and that individual home gardens can make the difference between an inadequate...
  7. 01-01-1990 GrowLab: Activities for Growing Minds is a K-8 curriculum guide for use with an indoor classroom garden, from a windowsil to a home-make or ready-to-assemble GrowLab Indoor Garden.